How to Testify Before a North Dakota Legislative Committee

You have the right...

You have the right, as do all citizens, to testify before the North Dakota Legislative Assembly on any bill or resolution.

North Dakota has one of the most open legislatures in the nation. Every bill must have a public hearing before a legislative committee, must be publicly voted upon by the committee, and then must come before the full House or Senate for still another public vote.

Your opportunity to testify on a bill comes at the committee hearing.

Legislative committees meet in rooms on the ground floor or in the legislative wing of the State Capitol. You can come into a committee meeting at any time, even if the door is closed or a hearing is in progress.

Lists of the legislative committees, committee members, and the days and places committees meet are available at the Legislative Information Kiosk in the hall between the Senate and House chambers.

You can find out which committee will be hearing the bill in which you are interested by calling the toll-free number and asking for information or inquiring in person at the Legislative Information Kiosk. Also, most of the state's daily newspapers carry listings of all the bills that are introduced and of scheduled committee hearings.

In addition to checking with the Legislative Information Kiosk, you can find out what bills are being heard by what committees by reviewing the TV monitors on the kiosk and in the hall of the ground floor of the Capitol. All committee hearings are listed on these monitors weekly.

You can get copies of bills from the Bill and Journal Room. However, if the bill has been amended, the printed bill may not include the amendments.

Hearings Before North Dakota Legislative Committees Are Generally Informal and Few Rules Need Be Observed!

Before the Hearing You Should...

At the Hearing You Should...

After the Hearing...

You have a right to testify on any bill before a legislative committee. Legislators want to hear what you have to say.

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